Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I know that I was supposed to talk more on motivation today....but this will post will hopefully motivate you to do something nice for another person. Today I was totally blown away by two random acts of kindness. The story goes like I went to get our mail and had a letter from a family friend. The letter goes like this:

"Dear Toby and Stephanie, I have been thinking about you this week-can't imagine the kind of clean up involved after a tornado! Here is a little something in the way of support. It isn't much but it will buy some cleaning supplies or some
temporary window coverings. I guess a bit of cleaning looks good knowing that all of you are safe and sound."

Inside of the envelope was a $25 Wal Mart gift card. I was blown away. Later on in the afternoon my cell phone rings and it is my brother in law. He tells me that his father wants to give us $500 to help out with the clean up effort. I tell him although that is appreciated it is not needed......he then tells me that his dad wants me to give it to someone who does need it. WOW.......Now I am really feeling in awe! $500 to give to a total stranger. Amazing. I have a person in mind who had no insurance and we will go get their windows with the $500 tomorrow.

These two actions made me think....What the heck am I doing to help out? I am now MOTIVATED to do for others more than myself. I challenge anyone who reads this blog to do a kind deed for someone. The power of a simple random act can go a long way!


Belinda E. said...

This does make a person feel good. We have had several church sermons on this we call it A.R.K.-Acts of Random Kindness....Our church helped a needy family at Christmas with groceries and gifts. I had the HONOR in picking the things up and delivering them to the family, along with my children. My children seemed very grateful for what they have.I love doing this every chance I get. Makes you feel blessed and good inside. Keep up the good deeds.I just discovered your blog and love to read it. I'd like to add you to mine if that's ok? Have a good week.

Amy said...

That is amazing!! I want to be more like that. Thanks for the motivation!

I sure had a good time with your wife yesterday. Thanks for sharing her with me.

Toby Tucker said...

Belinda...thanks for reading...and of course you can add me to your blog list....Amy..steph had a good time also...thanks for taking care of