Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Burn The Boats!

Got your attention? I want to blog about fear....the fear of failure and letting that fear get in the way of our own success.

Too many talented people are afraid to let their talents be shown. Fear of failure destroys success! Fear of failure is closely related to fear of criticism and fear of rejection. Successful people overcome their fear of failure. Fear incapacitates unsuccessful people.

The fear of failure also holds talented people below their potential. What potential do you possess that you are not taking advantage of? If you have potential that is being wasted you are sabotaging your success. Here is an interesting story on success...and a bit of a history lesson.

Burn the boats - When ancient Greek armies traveled across the sea to do battle, the first thing they would do after landing was to burn the boats, leaving them stranded. With no way to make it home besides victory, the resolve of the soldiers was strengthened. When success and failure are the only options, you have no choice but to follow through.

My wish for you today is to burn your boat......make success your only option. Take care...and keep it positive.

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Stephanie said...

Luckily I have a husband that is willing to make my fears small. I was very hesitant to start the gym..but luckily I had a husband that was supportive and told me that I could do it... JUST DO IT...steph