Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I just can't believe it.....Kaitlyn turns 5 today and Caden turns 3 tomorrow! They are just growing up too quick. I am so proud of both of these kids. Today I simply want to post some of my favorite pictures of them growing up over the years.

Daddy's Girl
Nice Hair

Not real happy about this snow thing!

The boys being silly
Nice goggles
The sweetest picture ever!
Pa and Caden

Easter SundaySuccessful hunt

I am very thankful for the last 5 years...raising kids is tons of fun.....and now with the addition of Colt.....things could really get exciting.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures

Piper family said...

Precious kids and love the pictures! Time does fly by...the party looked like a hit!