Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pieces to the Puzzle

Daily in our lives we are all faced with pieces to the puzzle. I look at the pieces like this. Remember the old days when we were kids when we would get that huge 1000 piece puzzle from an Aunt or Uncle for Christmas? Well that is the way the way that one could look at life.....tons of pieces, and it will take you a lifetime to finish.

In our lives some piece will fit, others will not. We all have to figure out the pieces and place them in the right spots to be successful in what ever we do. If you are not happy with your life now or what direction you are going it might be because you are trying to force a piece into the puzzle where it doesn't fit. Remember that each piece has a purpose......and we only get one chance to finish this puzzle called life!

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Anonymous said...

So True...I really look forward to reading your blogs...They are inspiring...Great Job there, Tucker!!