Friday, August 22, 2008

Enjoy What You Do!

So do you enjoy what you do? It seems simple enough, but I think that people in general are unsatisfied. Why is this? Why do we hold a job that we don't enjoy doing? What is the answer to happiness in the workplace?

As a leader I think that it is critical to look at this one phrase:

Happy people produce happy results:
The most effective workforce is a happy workforce that is well valued, highly prized, treated well and allowed to have fun, be creative, innovate, experiment and develop. People come to work not just for employment, but for enjoyment too.

Many people fail to create a happy environment. All too often, fun, creativity, generous praise, work satisfaction and even basic human decency are often sacrificed as being "nice, but non-profitable". As a result high work-stress, communication breakdowns, miserable morale, idea-droughts, absenteeism, turnover, poor productivity levels and quality collapse.

So ask yourself this question.....Do I really enjoy what I do? Do others around me enjoy their job? Can I be the difference maker in my workplace? Here is a challenge......BE THE DIFFERENCE! Step out on a limb....make an impact!


Chris said...

I enjoy what I do, and I do it 24/7/365. Wish I could have a sick day once in a while though...

Helen Keller said...

great. just great. dang it... i have to get happy... and LOVE my job. i feel like you are flashing a a neon sign right in my face.