Monday, September 1, 2008

When You Have The Opportunity

Well it is here...HUNTING SEASON! Dove season opened today and I had the opportunity to go out with two of the kids. Caden and Kaitlyn.....of course Colt got dressed up in camo again to send us off. KP and David went with us. We loaded the Ranger and went out about 8 miles east of town.

It is great to see kids light up when you take them to the outdoors. I was always told by my dad how great it was to take your kids hunting. I agree. It is the best. The kids drank their fair share of Capri Sun...ate enough cookies for a cavity...and just had a blast. They thought is was cool when we started blasting away. They even thought it was cooler when we put the dead dove in the back of the Ranger with them. Especially the one that wasn't it flopped around they really didn't know what to do......UNTIL...KP grabbed it and pulled its head off. Yeah that's right...he popped it right of. Kaitlyn said, "You pulled his head off!" It was classic to see how big their eyes got. They checked it all out and were ready for us to shoot another one.

The point is this. I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to go out with my children and experience things like hunting. If you get the opportunity make sure you spend time with your kids....I take for granted that they will stay little forever. I hope that I can be as good of a parent as my folks were to me. Here are the pictures from before the trip.


Anonymous said...

Had a blast....David did too. I want to do it again. However, when I got home, Katy was mad that she didn't get to go, so next time I guess I need to take her.

Amanda KP said...

thanks for taking my boys with you! :) but 'anonymous' was right about katy being mad!!! she would have loved to have been the one who pulled the head off!!!