Sunday, November 23, 2008

29 Years!

For 29 years my Dad and I have done something special together.....hunt! This weekend my parents were here and Dad and I hunted the entire time. We did end up with a nice young buck.

Hunting is not the reason for the post though. I just started thinking back of the those 29 years. What GREAT memories. I remember so vividly Dad picking me up from Kindergarten during milk and cookies to take me to Mason, TX deer hunting. That was the first time. We followed through with that tradition for years and now that I am grown I look forward to doing this with my own kids.

Some memories from over the years:
-Sitting on Dad's leg to kill my first deer.
-Walking through the woods....I was so loud....Dad would tell me that we were going to have a contest to see who could be the quietest walker. I catch myself doing that with my kids now.
-Dad refusing to turn the heater on in the truck all the way to the ranch....because he said it would make us cold when we got out. Heck I think it was pure torture...we were frozen by the time we got there.
-Walking in the dark and being scared to death.
-Climbing into a blind one time to find a ring tailed cat in the blind. We came face to face with this creature. I was scared...fell down in the cactus...started crying. I pretty much ruined the hunt...So dad started shooting the bottom of the deer blind trying to kill that dang thing.
-Visiting now as adults and truly enjoying the entire time.

Take some time today and find something that your children love. I am so glad that my Dad took time to include me in something that I dearly love, and love doing it with him to this day.


Matthew said...

I do not hunt, but if my son ever does, I will be into the sport.

Will said...

That is awesome. Sounds like you guys had another great annual hunt!