Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Deer Camp!

I always enjoy deer camp. The day before the first day of the season is neat. Everyone is giddy and full of excitement and anticipation of what will happen the next day. I didn't kill the big one this year on opening day, but sitting out with Mother Nature is just....thrilling. I guess it is hard to understand for someone who doesn't hunt. It is not about the kill. It is about enjoying all of the sounds, smells, and colors of the outdoors.

I was lucky enough this year to get in on the Lazy S Ranch in Claude. The group of guys that are on this lease are top notch. We have jewelers, doctors, home builders.....and me. Here are a couple of pictures from this weekend. Notice the picture inside the house. We really are not "roughing" it!Visiting on the deck the night before the hunt.
I think we know how this one turned out!
The only kill of opening morning. Eric White and his brother Al with Eric's 1st 11 point.

Check out Eric's houses he builds in Amarillo. TOP NOTCH.
Old-World Constuction


Will said...

good looking deer, i really want to kill one this year.

lbj said...

Love the JD pics...looks like you guys had a good time!! Lori R.