Monday, June 23, 2008


CHANGE...This is a word that has been said many times when talking about the Tucker's over the last couple of months. There are several things in our life that are changing right now...job, kids, tornado, etc. I have found that most people are absolutely terrified of this word.

So what is it about change that is so scary. I hate this phrase, "Well that is the way we have always done it." To me that statement makes no sense. Many wrongs have taken place over time due to that statement. So why do we as educated people stand for that old mindset? I think for some of us it is fear. The fear of saying something that is going to ruffle feathers, upset, or challenge the system. For others it is respect. I was taught long ago to make sure and respect people. I think that respect sometimes hinders change. We don't really say what we think. Here are some things to think about when dealing with change:
  • Change is more complicated to sustain then to initiate.
  • Successful change seldom starts at the top.
  • Learning is essential to change...those who change learn.
  • Change efforts almost always accomplish something different from what was intended.
So I challenge each of you to be brave when dealing with change. Ask yourself this question....Am I afraid of change...and if so why?


Stephanie said...

I agree...growing up in a small town I really didn't have to deal with much change...lived in the same house...same friends....same activities...and everything.....that was until I met my husband of 7 years... During our 7 years of marriage I have moved 5 different times.. Learning from every move...I do like change...but some times it is nice to have something constant in your life.. During the changes and moves in the past 7 years...I have met many different people, experimented many during job opportunities, and challenges that have made me the person that I am today...If I would have never changed...I would not have the job of my life...and mommy and a business owner...It is scary to change but the reward is worth it... Great post and thanks for making me think....steph

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Steph about growing up in a small town. I think it makes us complacent in our lives. My biggest fear of change is the uncertainty. I like my future planned. However, I know the Lord is in control and if he leads my family somewhere else, I have the faith to trust in Him. So thanks for the post, it's timing is amazing. Thanks..and keep up the posts.

Marci said...

I like change. And I think my husband gets upset with me when I get the itch to change something. I have always lived in small towns, but have moved to different towns. Now I have friends from lots of different places!!

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