Friday, June 20, 2008


Have you ever just stopped for a minute to think how lucky we are in Childress to have the Fox Clinic and CRMC? We are so fortunate not only to have that facility, but an aggressive administration, board, and doctors who keep us all healthy and on the cutting edge in medical treatment. I must admit....I would have never thought about having a child in Childress before we moved here. With this new baby(Colt) we have had no doubts about the care that we will receive.

I recently had a bit of a scare...won't go into what it was....but I called the clinic, talked to Dr. Green's nurse, and she said, "Get up here now and we will work you in." I would bet a hamburger that in Amarillo that wouldn't happen. Dr. Green came in and luckily nothing was wrong, but it just made me realize how lucky we are here in Childress. CRMC and Fox clinic, along with the people who work there are a positive part of our community. Thank the Lord for what we have here in Childress.

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Helen Keller said...

amen! we have done the same! even called him at home or caught him at church... he is wonderful!