Friday, June 13, 2008

The Power of a Positive You!

Ok, I am blogging. I am sure this will be a shocker to some....seem silly to others...and make folks wonder what the heck I am doing. So here it is, I am tired of negativity. I have had it. This blog will be dedicated to creating a positive you. That has to start with a positive me first. When I was coaching the gift that people always talked about was how positive I was with kids. I have gotten away from being as positive of a person and hope that by doing this blog I can regain that spark that I once had.

The idea of this blog came from this past week when we presented at the Texas Association of Secondary Principals conference in Austin. Being selected to present in front of your peers is always a treat. We totally rocked their world. They couldn't believe what all we had going on here in Childress and were blown away by how positive our school is. That is all of the motivation that I needed to start this new sort of outlet.

So today we will start easy....tell someone how special they are. I forget to do this all too often. Tell your child, husband, wife, or friend how special they are. You won't be disappointed. That is it...silly..maybe...positive...YES!

Now for the website of the day! First check out this picture of two beautiful kids!
I found this website while browsing. It allows you to upload your pictures and put the titles like the motivational posters that you see from time to time, and like the picture above. Best of all it is free. Something that parents, preachers, and teachers should like. Here is the link:

So that is it for post one. Please send this to folks who you might think need a boost. Take care...see ya soon!



Yea! Toby has a blog. It's about time.

I'm really looking reading things that you have to write. You have a lot to offer and share.


Stephanie said...

Hey there.... After all this time of decided to join me....I love you a lot...and I believe you are one of the most positive people I know....and truly a positive influence in my life and your kids....steph

a cowgirl at heart said...

Yes, I'm shocked. After all the grief you gave your wife. Welcome to blogger land.