Sunday, June 15, 2008

Notes From Dad

My dad once did me the biggest favor in the world....and it was a simple gesture. He wrote me a note. I was struggling in college, working two jobs, and contemplating dropping out and just working. This didn't set well with the old man.

Let me give you a brief background on dad.
-Oldest of seven
-Born in the depression
-Dropped out of school in 9th grade due to his own fathers illness and eventual death
-Raised his brothers and sisters
-Married at 22
-Father of five (all five have college degrees)
-Worked his tail off his whole life to give his kids the things that he didn't have
-A great role model

So dad was seeing what was going on with me, so after a weekend trip home I returned to college to find a note in my wallet, and here is what it said.

"Toby, good to see you, seems like we don't see each other much anymore. I know you like to work and make money, but until you get out of school you will have to work for small wages as I always have had to do because I didn't get an education. I makes me proud to see mother and you kids get a good education because with that you can do anything that you want and nobody can take it away from you. Love you, Dad"

I still get chills reading that letter from dad, and it still sits safe in my wallet today. My dad is one of my heroes, and with that simple letter he changed my life.

Take the time to write people notes. Your husband, wife, children, co-workers, etc. They can be simple, short, yet have a huge impact on people. My dad took the time to write me one almost 13 years ago...and I have been thankful that he has done it ever since. Happy Father's Day dad...and thanks.

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Anonymous said...

That is a cool deal on your dad. I have notes like that from my grandad. I too tried to drop out of college and he sent me right back. He changed my life that day. I went back to college had a great time, fell in love,ge and now have a great family and life all because he told me to get my butt back up to school. I will never forget that conversation we had that fall Saturday afternoon.