Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I know it is a different title for a blog post, but there is a point. A scary thing happened here in Childress on Sunday night. Here is the short version. We had the traditional Father's Day dinner then I decided to go for a run.(against my wifes wishes) We had been under some storm warnings, but we thought it was all gone. So I head out and make my way down the road and look up and see that something just isn't right. The clouds were just looking different. So I turned around and headed home. I visited with my neighbor's son for a second and then some rain started falling. We said goodbye and I went inside...this is when things got crazy.

All of the sudden the wind went crazy. Our trees were bending over. So we grabbed the kids and put them in the closet. I went and got a mattress and a light and we settled in. Then the rumble and breaking of glass started happening. It was our first tornado as a family. We did like everyone does...said our prayers...and assured the kids that it would be ok. Of course a two and four year old are not quite sure and a 20 minute hail storm with glass breaking all around them and part of our roof falling off doesn't really settle them down. So Stephanie says, "Hey kids, let sing a song." Caden starts singing itsy bitsy spider, but Kaitlyn stops him...crying and says..."How about rain, rain, go away." It was so innocent and sincere.

We had tons of damage.

...but we are all ok. I must admit.....I did think as we had the mattress over our head that this could really be it. I know that we all have to be ready. I am so proud of Stephanie and the kids. They were troopers and we will fix all that was broken. Something that is crazy....WE HAD A POSITIVE DAY today. My sister came and got the kids, Steph's parents came to help, and we all pulled together to get our house in shape for us to stay in again. It was POSITIVE! We all smiled, laughed and did what it took to get the job done.

So hug your wife, kids, family, and friends....the lesson I learned from this experience is this........We are not in control...we do not get to always direct the things that happen in our life, but grab on for the never know what can happen.


Helen Keller said...

yeah, it sucked! glad to see you blogging! ha :)

Anonymous said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! Good for you! You need to share your enthusiasm and who better than the

I hate bad weather but it sure changes ones priorities...Glad your family is okay. You guys had ALOT of damage... Thank goodness for family!

If I can help with anything, let me know!