Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Reunion

We all love family reunions right? I know that they can sometimes be boring, and heck we don't even know half of the folks there, but they are important. This weekend was the Fields Family Reunion in Amarillo.

We went to the Ashmore Inn and then off to River Breaks Ranch. I was shocked. It was a great time. They had a wagon ride, and as we went bouncing through the canyon they pushed cattle behind us. Then the highlight of the night was some horse racing. Kaitlyn and Caden both had a blast, and I have to admit I was feeling that this would all be corny...but it wonderful. Here are some pictures from a great weekend.
This is Steph's Grand Father's old farm truck. Pretty cool!

My little cowgirl!

Caden thought that the wagon ride was pretty cool.

The kids were waiting patiently on the fence for the races.

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