Monday, July 28, 2008


Are you focused? Are you keeping your eyes on the prize and pressing on? Too many times we come up with a plan and then lose focus. On the other hand we sometimes come up with a plan and obsess. So what is the happy median? Check out the ten laws of focus. I hope that it helps you like it did me!


Your Focus Needs to be Simple and Clear

Think transparent. What you are aiming for should be obvious. Ambiguity has no place in your success.


Your Focus Needs to be Memorable

Your mind should be stimulated by the smallest of coincidences, even if you are not thinking about your goals at the time.


Your Focus Needs to be Powerful

Power comes from clarity. The clearer you are about what you want, the more personal power you develop and the more energized you are to achieve it.


Your Focus Needs an Enemy

At each moment you are moving either toward or away from your goals. In addition to your desires, the things that move you away such as bad habits, competition, or the threat of mediocrity are the enemies you need in order to keep you motivated to do right or better.


Your Focus Needs Short and Long Term Objectives

Long-term focus and planning is more about understanding the consequences and impact of short-term focus and decisions than about long term decisions themselves. You need a healthy respect and understanding of the two.


Your Focus Will Not Appeal to Everybody

Successful is different to each individual. Don't be surprised if you receive resistance to your goals. Better yet, expect it!


Your Focus Will Not Be Instantly Successful

Life is a process, not an event. Maintain reasonable expectations. Rome wasn't built in a day, and they were using local talent.


Your Focus is Not a Product

The hand can not touch your focus, only your heart. Concentrate on the benefits received, the feeling enjoyed. That's what matters most!


Your Focus Does Not Come Without a Price

Success requires many things, sacrifice is one of them. Be prepared do what you have to do to achieve your goals.


Your Focus is Not Forever

Everything changes. There is a shelf life, even to your goals.

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