Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Day With Just Two!

It is just amazing. Tomorrow morning we check in to the hospital to have our 3rd and final child. Although we have been talking about this new addition to Kaitlyn and Caden for months now, and they have said prayers for their new brother, and they have seen us begin to prepare for Colt's arrival, they haven't really put it all together......UNTIL NOW!

The kids tonight seem to be as nervous as we are about the process. Tonight after we put the kids in bed Caden gets out crying and just wants to be held. So I hold him on the couch. Not two seconds later Kaitlyn is in my lap too. Really it was a sweet moment as we were all under the covers holding each other. Really that is the last time that I will snuggle with just the two of them. It was a moment that I will truly cherish.

Now with all of the mushy part out of the little girl lightened up the moment. As we were all really getting comfortable and snuggling...she proclaims..."Somebody stinks." Caden says, "Not me." Well I had just returned from my evening run and was sweating buckets......then Kaitlyn says..."Daddy you smell like a skunk....did you get sprayed by a skunk tonight?" The sweet moment was now gone....for a couple of minutes anyways. I put them both back in bed, gave kisses, and then Kailtyn tells me,"Daddy, you give the best hugs." I just melted. Then she tells me she doesn't want to be a mommy. Of course I am worried to ask why..but I do...and the response was too cute. She says,"because I want to stay a little girl..and I don't even know how to drive."

The point is this.....I know my kids get what is going to happen tomorrow. It is amazing. We all have questions. What will life be like with 3? Where will Colt sit at the dinner table? Who will hold his hand when we say the blessing? How will we get all of us up and around? I know the next few months will be exciting. Pray for Steph that she does well tomorrow. Pictures will be posted soon.


Anonymous said...

God does amazing things and this addition is just the last piece of the the Tucker puzzle... All pieces will fit and your little family will be complete....Children make you realize how important life really is and how quickly time passes.... Cherish these moments now that they are small, they grow up tooo fast.

I'll certainly keep you and Steph in my prayers tomorrow...I know it is a big day for the kids also..

Life will be hectic and amazing in the next few months...Your family is amazing and we are so blessed to have the Tuckers with us!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! I'm talking about you and your family. Pa and I were so blessed the day you came into our lives. I thank God for that. Toby, you are so special.
I love all of you and am looking forward to Colt's arrival.

a cowgirl at heart said...

WOO HOO! All I can say is we're all ready for baby Colt to get here, already! We are SO excited!

Piper family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you all are soooooo excited! I know all will go well and you'll have that new little one home in no time! Caden and Kaitlyn will be so excited to have a new little brother. Thinking of all of you today!