Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Road!

Maybe a different title for a blog entry, but during our life our journey will take us down many roads. On these roads we will have to make decisions, work with others, deal with struggles, endure hardships, and manage success. Are you currently on the road that you want to be on? If not, when and where did your detour happen? What has caused you not to get back on track? I am attaching a clip today from one of my favorite movies. O' Brother Where Art Thou. In this clip the guys deal will all of the things that I mentioned above. When you watch this you can probably relate several parts of their conversation to things that we deal with daily. Establishing leadership, falling down on the job, debate, and straddling the fence. What I like most about this clip is the old man on the train tracks at the end. What he says is something that all of us must think about. So today...think about your road....if you are off track...find the map that will get you headed the right direction.

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