Thursday, July 17, 2008

Celebrate What You Have Done!

This advice came across my desk today and I wanted to pass it on, and it is very simple.
  • Celebrate what you have done in your life.

Think about your life so far, and list the ten best things you’ve achieved in an “Achievement Log.” Perhaps you came in first in an event, played a key role in an important team, did something great at work, did something that made a key difference in someone else’s life, or your celebration might relate straight to family.

Put these into a list, which you can look at often. And then spend a few minutes each week enjoying the success you’ve already had!

So after some is no particular order.

  • Raising a growing family with a wonderful woman (I am lumping everything family here)
  • Regaining control of my own body
  • Creating the PRIDE Program
  • Getting my Masters degree
  • Playing college football
  • Becoming an Assistant Superintendent
  • Marrying way above my head
  • Making special education students smile
  • Having a great relationship with my parents and in-laws
  • Coaching the Wheeler Mustangs, being selected as Coach of the Year, and selected to coach in the Canada-America All-Star Football game twice.
So take five minutes and post your celebration list. I would love to see your responses. We might all learn about each other. Just put it on your own blog or in the comments. Take care!


Anonymous said...

It is hard for people to do this.....I know it is for me. (at least in public.) However, I think that this is a great idea to do, espcially when you get bogged down in the day to day negative....It is always good to look back and reflect on what you've done or accomplished.

Ginger said...

What a great way to take a look back at your life so far and reflect on your accomplishments. You don't ever really think about them and celebrate them like you should. Your list is pretty impressive! I just started a blog this week, so I will work on my list! Thanks for the idea!