Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 Thoughts

It has been hectic. A newborn, school starting, family visiting, etc. No long blog today...just the thoughts that are in my head.
  • Colt....quit waking your mom up.....I was sleeping so good (Sorry Steph...had to)
  • My school van is really cool
  • I hate wearing a tie
  • Why am I so hungry?
  • I want to buy a 4-wheeler
  • I wish that we had a church home here
  • Man we have some good friends
  • Can you believe school is starting already?
  • It is going to be a beast mowing the yard
  • Dove season starts in two weeks
  • The Olympics are good for TV
  • Football season starts next Friday
  • Can we pull off going to the TECH game with three kids?
Ok...I know it was different...but that is just a look at what is going on in my head. So...what are you waiting for....Post your 13 thoughts...we might all be surprised at what is going on with each other.


Stephanie said...

I had to comment....Colton and I are NOT really sorry that we keep you up for a SECOND during the night...just kiddin'....and yes we can take the kids to the game on SATURDAY...just another Tucker adventure that we will accomplish..steph

Helen Keller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen Keller said...

ooops! sorry to delete my comment ... I was saying I read charlas loved it... so i read yours... so i copied the both of ya!

Anonymous said...

1. My kids are awesome and growing up way too fast
2. I can't believe I own a motorcycle
3. What am I doing in this office
4. I wish mom was healthier
5. I too, have really cool friends
6. My wife is awesome
7. I wish I could run in the morning and get it over with
8. I hope we have a great year
9. I hope I do a great job, not just survive
10. can't wait to make more hunting shows
11. Should I buy the house behind me for mom?
12. David starts Kindergarten....
13. I miss some of my old college football buddies.
14. I have never been happier in all my life....or more in love with my wife...How does life keep getting better?-crazy

Amy said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! I am so doing it on my blog too!!

I just feel terrible for you daddys that get woken up by crying babies in the middle of the night!! Just kidding!! Really, I don't. :)Love ya!!

HMMMM...that anonymous commenter needs to get a blog. I think we would all enjoy the thoughts that go on in HIS head all day too!!

Anonymous said...

yes you can go to Tech games!! cause you have a great sister willing and wanting to keep your three(yes I said all three) wonderful kids
lets make some plans
ps trying to convince Pa to come see us and take Travis to your house to hunt this fall???

Anonymous said...

Love the blog...Very interesting facts coming up on some blogs I've
I have to agree with Amy...That first anonymous person needs a blog...
And looking at your nike runs...what is up with the 6 min. miles? You are suppose to enjoy the run so fast you can't see the scenery...
Hope your school year is great...Don't forget to come visit us!