Monday, August 18, 2008

Teacher Motivation!

Teachers all over the State of Texas reported to full duty today. These folks are true heroes and do a wonderful, yet under appreciated job. I am so proud of the educators that we have here in Childress. Our school is truly one of the best in the entire state. I want to share this short video that I made and presented to our staff on the first day of in-service. It is a video to basically brag on our pride and tradition.

When school gets rolling we will change out a few pictures and then really promote this video through our website and speeches that we will be making in the future. I hope that you enjoy this video.....please share it with folks who might be interested in it.

PS...there are 10 seconds of black screen at the beginning of the video...AND TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP!

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Rocking video. How could any teacher NOT be pumped up after watching that.

Got to agree with you, we have the best teachers and best schools anywhere! Period!