Friday, August 15, 2008

The Great Skunk Killer!

If they added skunk killing to the Olympic Games.......I would be a gold medalist. Tonight we had some interesting fun. My mom and dad are here for Colt's baptism. Today I mentioned to dad today that the skunks had been coming in at night to eat our cat food. He suggested that we have a steakout tonight and put an end to that.

So we set the bait....fresh cat food. We went and checked and no skunks....the kids were so excited about our steakout that they stayed by the back door to keep watch. We were watching the Olympics and all of the sudden.....boom....the kids came bursting through the door screaming that there was a skunk outside. I mean they were fired up. When we look outside..there is not just one skunk...but two.

So I sprint to the garage...load the shotgun and meet with dad in the middle of the house. That is where the plan was made. Dad would scared the skunks from the back...I would wait at the front of the house with the gun...and Steph would relay messages back and forth.

Here we go...I am outside..scared to death...Steph is at the door, about half mad at me for even planning this project....and Kaitlyn and Caden thrilled that all of this is going on. What was funny is when I went busting out the front door looking like Rambo with my shotgun our neighbors were watching from their front yard and probably wandering what the heck?

I get set up at my post and really...I was nervous. Then I hear Steph scream, "TOBY HERE THEY COME!" Well only one of the skunks came my way...but I am happy to report that skunk met his maker tonight. Caden proclaimed that I was the best shooter ever and Kaitlyn gave me a hug and a high five. So I am now proclaiming myself....THE GREAT SKUNK KILLER!


Anonymous said...

Is that officially going on your resume? You might be a redneck if you......
I'll let you finish that!
But if I ever have a skunk, at least I know who to call.

nb said...

When I was a small child, I spent the night with a friend of mine who happened to live with her two elderly aunts. Sweet, old-fashioned, tiny little ladies.

Late in the evening, one of the aunts spotted a skunk in the yard. That sweet, little, elderly lady pulled out a gun and hit it with the first shot! In a last-ditch effort to seek revenge, the skunk nailed the front door with a stink bomb of his own. The odor was so strong, I think it peeled the paint right off the front of the house.

Glad your skunk didn't fire back!


Can I hire you to do some dirty work for me? I've got skunks in my neighborhood. :)

a cowgirl at heart said...

Can I hire you out? I'm pretty sure you remember our skunk encounter a couple of weeks ago! He's still around; I hear him at night and smell him. So, how much? :)

My dad kills skunks and squirrels in the same way...baits them and BOOMS them!

Anonymous said...

Did you film it....that needs to be an installment on "Fat Boy Hunting"!!!! That sounds fun...What if you would have missed and where did the other one go?

Marci said...

I can see you and the kids getting excited over it!!That is an awesome story and one your kids will remember for a lifetime. I still remember my dad shooting a dog with a pellet gun, just as the new golf coach pulls around the corner to pick up my sister for their golf tournament. Priceless.