Thursday, August 7, 2008

If I Could Only Change Time!

I had a busy morning today hauling computers. I had two trustees with me from the County Jail, along with Jailer to get the job done. The men arrived on time in their very uncomfortable jumpsuits. One of the two was a former student, the other was a man that has actually been up to school to talk to our students about drugs and the mistakes that he has made in his life. Of course seeing a former student in this shape was tough, I can only hope he learns from his mistakes and gets his life on track. That is another post all together.

As for the other inmate.....he was a worker...that is all there is to it. He worked circles around the rest of us. Throughout the morning we talked on and off, he told me he hoped to be out of jail in March. So I asked, "What are you going to do with yourself?" I mean this is a guy that could make someone a hand. He says. "I am going to counsel youth, and stay away from my so called friends." Then he stops working...stands up and says....."Mr. Tucker...if I could only change time." I had no response.....what do you say to that? I had no words.

Think about this.....and I have said this before....we only get one shot at many things.
  • Life
  • Love
  • Raising Children
  • Careers
  • Making a First Impression
  • Gaining Respect
  • Earning Trust
My hope for all of us today is when we have a chance to look back at our life we don't say the words said to me today......IF I COULD ONLY CHANGE TIME!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the motivating post today. My theme today was I think I can........Seems silly but Amy H. & I started running today. Our first day out. I am so proud of us. We didn't even call the ambulance.Just the rest of our lives to go. Keep up the great posting Tucker.


There are so many things in life that we can't have "re-do's" on. thanks for the reminder.