Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Will These Hands Do?

Some friends stopped in to see Colt on Sunday night, and a wonderful question was asked. As Jason held Colt's hand he said, "What will these hands do?" "Will they open the chest of a man to save his life?" When Jason said that my response was, "There is no telling what his hands will do, he may run for touchdowns, play in the band, etc, just as long as he doesn't break my heart I will be fine."

Think about your own children, or the children that you come into contact with. What will their hands do? What skills are you teaching them to be able to use their hands later in life. What morals will they have? What values will they pass on to their own children? How will they reach out to others? Are you being a good example?

As school gets ready to go back in to session think about the question that Jason posed. Many of us get the chance to make a difference.....so go out and do so!


Piper family said...

What an awesome thing to ponder! I know that you and Stephanie will guide Colt, and both of your other children to make the best choices possible. The responsibility of a parent (or any other leader) is such a great one...and one that is so far reaching. Your son is beautiful!

Amanda KP said...

WOW!! What a great thought!!! I love it!! It is so amazing--and sometimes scary--to think about the future and what it holds for our kids!! Thanks for helping me reflect on this!