Monday, August 4, 2008


From the time that we were Boy Scouts we heard the phrase, Be Prepared! As a teacher we prepare our students to succeed. As a coach we always talk about preparation to beat our opponent. As an administrator is is important to prepare so that staff can be successful.

Ask yourself this question. What new challenge do you face and are you prepared? There is an old saying: "FAILING to prepare is preparing to fail". Here are a couple of tips to prepare to succeed.

-Have clear goals
-Be realistic
-Don't delay

Four easy steps. So go be a good Boy Scout and Be Prepared!


Helen Keller said...

every time i read your blog i doubt myself... i better do some deep thinking!

Toby Tucker said...

Well dang sure don't doubt yourself. I write these things as a reflection of my own thoughts. My new job, baby, etc, are some of the things that I am preparing for right now. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

my favorite mantra is from the 6 P's of business sucess but it really is about everyday life as well
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Perfomance!
have a great week