Sunday, September 14, 2008

Come To Momma!

I know that Come To Momma is not the title you were probably thinking about when you see a dead coyote.....but of usual...I HAVE A STORY! Here goes.

We made the trip to the ranch this weekend. After an afternoon of filling deer feeders and riding four wheelers we went back to the ranch house and cooked steaks and hot dogs. Then Kelvin (my father-in-law) and I went out to sit on a deer blind to see if anything would come in. I took the ole 7mm with me just in case we saw some hogs or varmits.

After deciding that no deer were going to come in I got the coyote call out and set it off...30 seconds later I hadn't even loaded the gun when Kelvin goes.....Toby.....hunt....coyote...hunt..Toby...shoot....coyote. I think he has lost his mind or is speaking in tounges. I look up and right in front of us is the coyote. Needless to say...I busted a cap!

Now....the rest of the story. I knew the kids would be excited...when Steph told them to go to the front of the house.....Caden comes out and yells..."Woo Hoo." Kaitlyn comes around the corner...and busts out, "Alright baby....COME TO MAMMA!" Priceless.


Amanda KP said...

that's awesome!!! i love kaitlyn!!!

Marci said...

Love it!! She is too funny!


Great story. I'm thinking the roadrunner wins again!