Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can You Hula?

So can you hula? I for one sure can't...but I know a little girl who can. We went to Groom this weekend to the church picnic and they had some hula-hoops there. Well Kaitlyn went and played with them for a minute or two and then all of the sudden....she had it.

When we got back from Groom she begged for a hula-hoop. Seven bucks later we were out of Wal-Mart and headed home with our new pink hula that even lights up. So now I have to show her off....she is by far the best hula-hooper in our family...check out the video....I thought it was pretty cute.


About Kyle said...

Kaitlyn's awesome! Make's me wish I had a daughter...well, just a little bit. I especially like the hoop-around-the-neck she pulls on Caden.

Amy said...

SO stinkin cute!! Even the part she tried to kill her brother!!