Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let The Games Begin!

So my evening goes like this.....Steph has dinner ready...we the dishes..we put up some clothes....put together a mobile for Colt...Steph goes to the gym...Toby is left HOME ALONE!


So we make our way to the back yard...all four of us. Kaitlyn is giving all of us some Bobcat cheers and after about the 30th time of Bobcats are the best Caden decides to go play in the fort.
This is when things get interesting.

The next thing that I know Caden is naked proclaiming that he needs to poo poo. I am begging him to wait as he is squatted in the middle of the fort. I have Colt in one arm...Caden naked in the other(grunting with poop pains), and Kaitlyn doing cheers all the way as we are rushing into the house.

I tell Kaitlyn to sit on the couch so she can hold Colt...all the while still holding Caden(naked..still grunting) in the other. So I get Colt in Kaitlyn's hands and get Caden to the pot. He proclaims that he has lots of poo poo(understatement of the century)...Colt starts screaming...Kailtyn joins in telling me to hurry. I rush back to the back room...Colt is now upside down in Kailtyn's arms. Caden is hollering for me to come wipe his hiney. I grab Colt...Kaitlyn begins cheering again...I am almost going Colt on the floor of the bath room(sorry Steph) and begin wiping....Caden says,"Thanks partner!"

I love my wife!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome....laughed my butt off reading this.

a cowgirl at heart said...

Well, at least he was polite about it! "Thanks, partner!" Classic.

Helen Keller said...

sounds A LOT like a house i know very well! oh so fun!

Anonymous said...

Forget Fat Boys Hunting Video Series...You need to do Parenting 101: WHAT NOT TO DO! lol

All this drama and Steph still loves you! You're a keeper!

We should pay you for the cheap entertainment!

You made me laugh so much! THANKS!

Marci said...

Oh Toby, bless your heart..I loved the story!! I agree with Donna, need a video of that!!

Amanda KP said...

that is so awesome!!! hats off to you dads who give us moms a break...and we really don't mind what goes on while we're gone--as long as we get that time away!!! besides, it builds character--yours and the kids!!!! :)
thanks for sharing...i needed a good laugh this morning!!

Ryan Mills said...

welp, that made me blow snot.

Amy said...

I LOVED IT!! Absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh. And I agree with whoever said we don't care what goes on when we're gone because...WE'RE GONE!! And we are feeling blessed to be!!

Sharon said...

Caden is going to kill you some day for that post. Hilarious!