Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Obsession!

Maybe it is not good to have an obsession, but most of us do. Mine is hunting. Crazy, I know...but it is. I went hunting at the age of five with my dad and have hunted ever since. My very best memories of my grandfather, father, uncles, brother, and cousins are at our family deer lease.

Not much has changed over the last 27 years. Only now it is my own family that is with me. This weekend we all went out to the ranch to spend the night. It was the opening weekend of bow season so Kaitlyn, Caden, and I went to the deer blind before dark and settled in. HOLY COW! I didn't know I could tell two kids to hush that much. Really they were good, but I understand that they get bored. Kaitlyn went as far as to tell me that, "Dad...I am really not enjoying this." But, finally some deer came out and all was well. I took my rifle just in case we ran into some hogs...and sure enough right before dark a MONSTER came out. I tell the kids to get quite and plug their ears....then...BOOM! I got him. The kids were thrilled..and proclaimed that the Tucker's are the best hunters.

Hogs are a tough animal and this one ran off into the brush...with it being almost dark I decided to wait till morning to go find him...especially with the kids with me. As we are driving off I look back of the Ranger and Kaitlyn is bawling. I ask her what the deal is and she tells me that she wants to go get HER hog RIGHT NOW. I knew then she is officially a hunter. Although she cried all the way back to the cabin.

As for Caden his moment came earlier in the day. As we were sitting on the back deck of the cabin a nice buck walked by. While we are admiring the buck Caden runs into the house, almost knocking everyone over and gets his play rifle. Then he comes back on the deck and aims the gun right at the deer and begins shooting. It was one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. He was sure serious.

Having Steph and the kids with me while hunting is wonderful. I am so thankful that she ALLOWS me to hunt and lets our kids go along as well. My dad always taught me to respect nature. I hope to teach that to my kids. I don't even have to shoot anything.....I just love being in the outdoors.

This video that I am attaching is last weekend with me just sitting on a deer blind. The deer that I saw that day were HUGE. People hunt a lifetime and don't see deer this big. It was just so beautiful and I want to share it with all of you..enjoy. PS...Stephanie thinks that this video and me posting it on my blog are about the dumbest thing that she has ever heard of.

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Stephanie said...

I never thought it was dumb...Obsessions are fine just as long as you don't let it get in the way of your family...thanks for including us...steph