Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winning and Losing!

As most of you know I love quotes. I stumbled across one today that I think is flat out awesome.

"Winning isn't permanent and losing isn't fatal."

I love this quote due to several reasons, and I think that it can be applied to all of us no matter the profession we are in. Every day we all enter battles of some sort. It is important to realize that we will not get our preferred outcome every time. As important as that is to come to grips with it is even more important to not beat ourselves up over the losses. They are NOT fatal.

On the flip side...it is important to cherish our victories...however we must not dwell on a single win and remember the hard work and effort that it took to gain that victory so you can hopefully win again.

So as you approach tomorrow...get after it will all of your gusto....work hard to get a win.


Will said...

love the quote. fits you. we are due another movie. we need to get on it, really.

Will said...

i am not your blog list yet...fix that.