Monday, October 20, 2008

Senate Hearing!

Today was just flat out exciting. I got to testify in front of the Senate Education Committee in Austin at the Capitol. If you look at the picture I am at the table at the the brown suit jacket. If you want ten minutes of boredom you can click this link and hear the testimony. You will have to fast forward to 2 hours and 18 minutes to get to our part.
Click here to watch
Once you click you will have to select October 20th. Also, you must have real player.

About the experience.....where do I start. There were way more folks in the hearing than I expected. You can't tell from the picture or video..but the room was standing room only. There was two hours of testimony before us...and let me tell ya...the Senators grilled those folks. I actually felt sorry for some of them. I was fairly cautious with my testimony to only focus on the positives.....and that worked out great. I was asked to testify about the innovations that we are doing in Childress. The final comment by Senator Shapiro was this..."Congratulations for being not only a leader in Texas, but a leader in the nation." Wow...what a great compliment...I was very proud of our school today.

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