Saturday, October 18, 2008


I can't believe it....34 years old. Caden spilled the beans that Steph had got me a cake. Kaitlyn was so funny yelling at him for spoiling the surprise. Of course being 34 will bring new challenges from 33....most notably chasing another little Tucker around. Here are a couple of new pictures of Colt.


Marci said...

Little Colton is growing so fast. He'll be full grown before we even get to meet him! (Kinna the same way with you guys and Raegan, too though!) Hope all is going great!!!
~Marci, Jym, and Raegan

Amy said...

Oh, my!! He is so stinkin cute!! Happy belated b-day, OLD guy!!

Marci said...

You are not old, just seasoned and full of wonderful ideas!Hope you had a great day.