Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Was Turned Down!

Yep....turned down. I was sad, heart broken, you name the word, I felt it. I was officially turned down by Caden this morning. Here is how the conversation goes.

-Me-"Caden, if you are good at school today we will go hunting."
-Caden-"Nope...not today."
-Me-"What do you mean not today, (this is the part that I started bribing) We can get a coke and some snacks for the deer blind."
-Caden-"Nope dad....not today!

So that is the first time that he has officially turned me down. I have always heard that it would happen. I figured that it would come much later that at the age of 3. Hopefully the next time will be the day.


Ryan Mills said...

get used to it. Tanner turns me down for something at least once a day.

Marci said...

I'm sorry...Tanner not only turns his dad down, but his mom too.


Ouch ... been there done that.

I'm ready for some more "Fatboy Hunting" videos.

Anonymous said...

Ouch...Now that is painful...And the bribing didn't work...Double Ouch..

Kyle Vannoy said...

Even though they start to turn you down sometimes, you never stop asking because when they say yes it's all worth it and you'll make memories that will last forever.