Saturday, November 8, 2008

What A Memory

I was going through the camera and getting rid of video and stumbled across this video. It is classic. This is the first time that Caden and Kaitlyn got to meet their new brother. A couple of funny points:
-When Kaitlyn continues to ask what color his skin is.
-Trying to explain how the baby came out of mommy's stomach. There are some things that daddy's have a hard time explaining.

I am so glad that I found this is priceless.!

kids excited from Toby Tucker on Vimeo.


Ginger said...

The only word I could come up with, "Priceless!"

Sharon said...

That is so sweet and funny! I can't wait to hear how you explain all that someday!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest video I have ever seen....How precious it will be when Colt is graduating from High

Loved the way you skirted by the tough questions...

Amy said...

This is awesome!! Loved the "out of her stomach?" question repeated over and over demanding an answer!! LOL!!

What a great memory...recorded forever!!

Marci said...

Oh That is a CLASSIC! And absolutely ADORABLE! I laughed so hard! Definately liked your answers to her questions!