Monday, December 29, 2008

That's What Friends Are For!

My good buddy KP.....I am going to get him. Last night he told me...."Hey man come over about 10:30 in the morning to check out my new travel trailer." I tell him that I will be there. So today I take out for my morning jog about 10:15 and decide to just run to KP's house. It is about 3 miles. I just figure that he will bring me home. So I take off and have a great run. The total distance to his house from mile was 3.15 miles.

I see his truck. I think to myself that it may be parked on the side...nope not there either. Now the horror sets in. What the heck am I going to do if he is not home...I don't have a phone and I sure as heck don't want to run 3 more miles. I knock and knock and knock on the door....and sure enough, he is NOT HOME! I officially think that I might cry now.

So I take off towards home...singing KP's praises the whole way for not being home when he said he would....of course I could have called...heck that would have been way too easy. I am wearing out cause I normally don't run more than 3 miles. At a little over 5 miles my GOOD BUDDY Ryan pulls up. Not to help, but to harass me. I wave him down and just get in the car and beg him to take me home. He got a big kick out of my situation...I didn't care...I love him for taking me the last half mile home. So thanks KP...I guess I needed a long workout after the holidays.


Marci said...

I'm so sorry my husband was harassing you. But I am glad that he was able to help.

allie nelson said...

oh fun!


Fun Family Fitness said...

that's what you get...haha

Ginger said...

Too bad there wasn't a train at the time, you could have hopped on it on 5th street and rode it to HWY 83....would have gotten you a little closer! LOL

Anonymous said...

sounds like my luck....SO FUNNY...but you got in a good run!