Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Looking Back @ 2008!

I know I am a little late...but it is good to reflect. Here is a look back at 2008 and some major events that happened. I just did 5...that was easier.

New Child
Colt Tucker joined the family on July 31st....he had a hard time getting here, but now you wouldn't know it now. He is a good boy and it is hard to imagine our family without him.

New Job
Amazing the reaction. Some folks were thrilled for me, others not so thrilled. I must say it is amazing how people will treat you when they know your salary, and I don't mean in a good way. Some folks were just flat out MEAN spirited. So now I will just work hard and do a good job. I will also never forget the TRUE friends that we supportive 100% of the way.New Me!
When I weighed on the 1st day of the biggest loser contest I weighed in a whopping 209 pounds. I looked in the mirror and realized that something had to change. I started running and now feel the best that I have in years. Below is my rundown from May when I got my Nike Plus. It is awesome to see it written out for me like this. I am proud of the miles that I covered in only 7 months.New House (well sort of)!
Amazing what goes through your mind when you are protecting your family and wondering if you would make it out alive. The storm on father's day was a heck of an event. It was an amazing experience. We are still working on putting some things back together. As bad as it was I am thankful for that day and how it made me realize how precious time is.New Beginnings
Both Steph and I are working towards new beginnings with business. She is trying to expand her gyms and I started Fat Boy Outdoors. I have always wanted to guide hunts. It was just a thrill to be able to do a job that you love.Ok so there are 5 of mine. I am looking forward to seeing if anyone else reflects on 5 events of 2008.


Will said...

It was a great year.
I hope this year is just as fun and exciting!

Ginger said...

That is a pretty exciting year! It's been my experience recently that the people who are not excited for you when great things happen in your life are the people who wouldn't be happy if they hit the lottery....they would be mad they had to pay taxes!

As long as you are doing what you love to do (and it is legal..LOL) I say rock on! I appreciate all you and Stephanie do and wish you guys a great 2009!


It's been a great year for the Tuckers. We're blessed to have you guys in the community.

Keep up the great work.

Helen Keller said...

wow! can't top that! don't think i will list anything... would just not be as great to read!

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