Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Senate Floor!

I got to be a part of a tremendous honor today. I, along with several other colleagues from Childress, was recognized on the floor of the Texas Senate today. It was truly a honor to represent the folks from our area. If you click here and then go to March 3rd on the website and then fast forward to 13 minutes 10 seconds, you can see the recognition. (your have to have real player to view)

Our day was a very busy one. We met with 3 Senators and truly made an impact. We were invited back to testify at a later date on school finance. I am proud of what we are doing in Childress, and now it is exciting to see our efforts will hopefully impact students across the State of Texas for years to come.


MamaBotos said...

Congratulations! I am honored by your honor (didn't know if that makes sense or not but anywhooo). Be safe and have a good trip!

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